Life Ed Vic
Pricing Guide


Core Program
Five-Step Learning Journey

per student

 Specialist Program Facilitator

All modules available

 Iconic Healthy Harold 

 COVID-safe delivery

 Live Healthy Harold experience 

 Access to 10 Online Learning Resources 

 Access to Parent Information Webinars

 Reflective digital incursion (STARS)

 Bigger space for a bigger impact

 Caters for students with additional needs

Sexual Health
'Talk About It'

Price Per Module
$18 (1), $30 (2)
$36 (3), $40 (4) per student

 Seven age appropriate modules available for years 5 & 6


 Healthy Relationships 


 Reproduction *Grade 6 only

Student Agency

Ask about our
Partnership Program

 Promoting student agency through authentic project-based learning

 Term long deep immersion program (1 hour per week)

 Partnership model

 Students' develop an authentic campaign created by real-life interests through their own voice and learning experience

Early Years

$295 per session
Max. of 25 students

 Play-based, interactive learning experiences 

 Age-appropriate life skills

 Led by specialist teachers

 Aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework

coming soon!



 50% off with In-Classroom booking

 2 Masterclasses

 60-minute sessions

 Virtual Delivery

Important message from our CEO, Andrew Bennetto

We have done our utmost to maintain 2022 prices....

Like most organisations we've had no other choice but to raise prices. This is due to a combination of post-COVID19 challenges and inflation. 

If you wish to talk to myself or my team about pricing, feel free to contact us on 03 9456 9833 or

- Andrew Bennetto, CEO 

Terms and Conditions

Effective 2022/2023

Healthy Harold Live Experience

A real life sized Harold will be available to schools with an in-classroom booking (part of the new Five-Step Learning Journey). 

Healthy Harold Live is included:

  • If your booking is greater or equal to 3 days.
  • If your school organises a volunteer to be Harold, then $200 will be subtracted from your total booking invoice.

Healthy Harold Live can be added:

  • If your booking is less or equal to 2 days, for an additional $200 on your total booking invoice.
We will be in touch with your school prior to the experience to confirm details of when Harold will be appearing.

Minimum Session Price

$295 for Core Program (5-Step Learning Journey)

Deposit Policy

Your school will be issued a 25% non-refundable deposit invoice upon allocation of booking dates. The balance of the invoice will be issued upon completion of the program.

Replacement Program Policy

In the event that a Mobile Learning Centre Program cannot be delivered safely we reserve the right to replace it with an equivalent Blended In-Classroom Learning Program.

Credit Policy

If your booking cannot proceed due to external significant circumstances (i.e epidemic/pandemic), the deposit invoice will be credited to your school account and to be applied on your next booking. The expiry date for this credit is 24 months from the date your booking has been postponed.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation fee of $350 per booked day applies where a booking, or part thereof, is cancelled within 10 weeks of the booking date. The remaining balance of the deposit invoice will be credited to the school account and be applied to the next booking. The expiry date for this credit is 24 months from the date the booking was cancelled.

Cancellation Policy - Preschools

A cancellation fee of $150 per session applies where a booking, or part thereof, is cancelled within 5 weeks of the booking date.