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Providing support to you and your children

We facilitate a series of programs focussing on current topics which are important for children's development.

Topics range from healthy eating, friendships, online safety, drugs and alcohol and sexual health.

Life Ed Victoria empowers children to learn and develop life skills that will help them navigate through tricky life situations. These parent/carer resources are here to help you navigate conversations with your children.

Resources for Parents & Carers

Drugs + Alcohol 

Alcohol and Drug Foundation

The ADF’s mission is to inspire positive change and deliver evidence-based approaches to minimise alcohol and drug harm.

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National Health Medical Research Council

NHMRC are excited by the huge potential benefits of the research they fund and by the opportunities they have to ensure Australians have access to evidence-based, authoritative health advice.

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National Health Medical Research Council

Providing Australians with up-to-date information on e-cigarettes, including what the research says about the safety and potential health implications of e-cigarettes, the efficacy of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool, and the potential impacts of e-cigarette sponsorship, advertising, and promotion. 

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Cyber Safety

eSafety Commissioner

Advice for parents and carers to help children have safe experiences online

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eSmart Digital Licence

Teach your children to stay safe online with eSmart Digital Licence

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Health + Wellbeing

Alcohol and Drug Foundation Telethon Kids Institute

Our child health and development research seeks to enhance the lives of kids and their families today, and future generations to come. Families are at the heart of everything we do.

Below you'll find a mix of helpful articles and videos designed to support parents, as well as updates and stories of how our research has touched families just like yours

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Respectful Relationships

Raising Children

The Australian parenting website: suitable for 5 - 8 years

School age: connecting & communicating

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Raising Children

The Australian parenting website: Suitable for 0-18 years

Positive relationships for parents and children: how to build them

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Raising Children

The Australian parenting website: Suitable for 1-18 years

Positive relationships for families: how to build them

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Sexual Health

Sexuality Education Resources

From an interview with a puberty expert to helpful resources for parents, kids and teachers.

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More Resources

Department of Education and Training

Practical information for Victorian parents and carers to support their child's learning needs.

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