Relationships and

Sexuality Education

Our 'Talk About It' program helps kids navigate puberty,
sexual health and relationships.


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'Talk About It'

'Talk About It' (TAI) is designed to help support students explore the concept of identity, develop safe and respectful relationships, and understand and manage the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty. 

At Life Ed Victoria, we believe that Relationships Sexuality Education (RSE) is an essential part of a comprehensive education. Our program is tailored specifically for primary students, with age-appropriate content that is delivered in a fun and engaging way.

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Managing peer pressure
Protective behaviours and hygiene
Diversity and inclusivity
Building and maintaining healthy relationships

Program Overview

'Talk About It' is an interactive program delivered over 2 stages by our specialist facilitators

Curriculum-aligned sessions that help students navigate relationships, identity and puberty. All 'Talk About It' sessions are held in the classroom, include interactive activities and worksheets, and provide students with the opportunity to submit anonymous questions via a question box.

Relationships and Sexuality Sessions

Eight age-appropriate modules that are curriculum-aligned and broken into two stages. 

Stage 1

Prep - Year 2

Body rights, consent & early warning signs with strategies to keep safe.

Stage 2

Years 3 - 4

Recognise physical responses to feeling unsafe and identifying safe adults to talk to.

Year 5

Identity, character strengths and importance of

Year 5

Recognising emotions, warning signs and unhealthy friendship behaviours.

Year 5

Understanding the physical, social and emotional changes during puberty.

Stage 3

Year 6

Further explores
identity introduced in
Who am I?

Year 6

Manage changing
relationships throughout puberty

Year 6

Following on from Welcome to Puberty, learn about male and female reproductive systems

Year 6

Identify the social, emotional, physical and legal consequences of sex

Parent and Carer Information Sessions

We also provide the opportunity for parents and carers to learn more about our Relationships and Sexuality Education program through in-person or online webinars. This is a session for carers to understand what's being delivered to their child and to also help carers navigate those tough and tricky conversations.

Hosted by our professional Relationships and Sexuality Education Facilitators that will be working with your students.

Relationships and Sexuality Education Pricing

Prices per student

1 module : $20

2 modules : $36

3 modules : $42

4 modules : $48

 7 age-appropriate modules available for years 5 and 6


 Healthy Relationships



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