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Interactive play-based learning

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Three play-based incursions

We believe it's important to embed healthy habits in children from an early age. Our Early Years Learning program covers health, safety and building relationships.

Research shows the impact of play-based learning can improve language and social connections and extends into other areas of development too. These high-quality play-based learning for 3 - 5 year olds can:

  • strengthen neural pathways associated with learning
  • enhance well-being
  • improve memory and organisational abilities
  • teach children self-regulation and problem-solving skills
  • encourage creativity and critical thinking


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Our Three Interactive Modules

Becoming Healthy

Children will follow Harold's day, exploring the importance of healthy foods and drinks, physical activity, hygiene and rest. With the key theme of Becoming Healthy, this module reinforces healthy lifestyle concepts that empower children to make healthy choices and take responsibility in their everyday lives.

Being Safe

Children cover all areas of safety including wearing seatbelts, sun safety, safe play, water safety, safety with medicines and safety online. It also teaches them about the idea of connections, including people who keep us safe and building help seeking skills, developing children’s agency to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

Belonging & Connecting

Harold’s Big Feelings is one of Life Ed’s modules supporting preschool children to build social and emotional wellbeing skills and knowledge.

The program focuses on emotional literacy, emotional regulation, friendship, connection and seeking help.

The 3 Step Learning Journey

Early Years Learning

Early Years Pricing

$325 per session

Max 25 students

 Play-based, interactive learning experiences

Age-appropriate life skills

 Led by specialist teachers 

 Aligned to the Early Years Learning framework

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