Our Impact 
and Evidence

We use independent evidence based approaches to 
help kids retain knowledge and change their behaviour.

Proven evaluation methodology and evidence 

Our student-centred programs foster critical thinking, teamwork and active participation.

Based on our annual student and teacher surveys:

99% of teachers say their students are actively engaged in Life Education Victoria programs.
99% of teachers say Life Education Victoria programs equip students to positively change their behaviour.

We also undertake deeper measurement of our impact through follow up surveys.

Some of the instruments we use

Exit Cards:

Students respond to a statement related to their learning and place a “Harold” token next to an emoji on the wall that best describes how they feel.

Commitment Cards

Students receive a commitment card at the end of each session and make a commitment to improving their health and wellbeing further embedding the learning from the Life Education session. We then check back in on the students commitments through our Student Agency and Reflection Program.

Post Survey 4-6 weeks

The LEV facilitator revisits the school 4-6 weeks after the incursion and students complete a paper survey to gauge the ongoing impact of the Life Education lesson.

We are proudly supported by the Victorian Department Education and Training.

Collecting effective data to demonstrate impact and outcomes.

Reimagining the range and nature of learning experiences provides Life Education Victoria with opportunities to gather richer data that demonstrate impact. LEV has developed 'impact targets' that drives the data we collect as a way to build a strong base for our programs. For example, rather than surveying students on how much they enjoyed the session or what they've learnt, we capture multimodal evidence of change-making artefacts students create, projects they participate in, goals they set to effect change etc.

Reimagining learning programs has opened up new ways of collecting data from both teachers and students. For over 14 continuous years, we appreciate the funding provided by The Victorian Government of Department of Education and Training.