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Life Ed Victoria's programs aim to positivley change health behaviours to enable children to thrive in their lives. 

Through our programs we focus on a child's health and wellbeing including:

Drugs and Alcohol
Health and Wellbeing
Cyber Safety
Respectful Relationships
Relationships and Sexuality

The Problems We Address


1 in 4

Victorian children are obese or overweight.

Our Solution: Specific workshops that help students identify personal responsibility for an active and healthy lifestyle by understanding what a healthy body needs.

Mental Health

1 in 7

young people aged 4-17 experience a mental health condition.

Our Solution: Our programs help to strengthen children’s resilience, decision making and emotional state in relation to certain life experiences and how they can effectively respond in a positive way.

Respectful Relationships

1 in 5

children in Victoria, aged 8 - 14 experiences bullying

Our Solution: Educate children on how to build friendships from as young as Preschool age. Our facilitators equip students with knowledge, skills and strategies to help them develop safe and respectful relationships.

Sexual Health

1 in 2

children are impacted by domestic violence.

Our Solution: Our expert facilitators help students explore the concept of how to develop safe and respectful relationships. The Relationships and Sexuality program also helps kids navigate puberty, sexual health and relationships by supporting students to explore the concept of identity, and understand and manage the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty.

Cyber Safety


of young Aussies reported being cyberbullied.

Our Solution: Our digital safety and wellness programs equip children with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the online world safely and empower children with the necessary life skills to recognise, react, and report unwanted online interactions and cyberbullying.

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