Giving kids the smarts to deal with the hard stuff.

Life Ed Victoria is an impactful preventative health organisation who provide vital life skills for children.

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About Life Ed Vic

Our preventative programs provide children in Victoria the vital life skills to thrive in life

Constructivist learning approach where students learn by doing.


About our impact

Our Evidence-based Programs

Health and Wellbeing Program

Twelve Victorian Curriculum-aligned modules that give kids the smarts to deal with the hard stuff. Delivered through our 5 Step Learning Journey.

Relationships and Sexuality Education

Age-appropriate lessons that help students explore identity, safe and respectful relationations and understand puberty.

Early Years Learning Program

Interactive play-based program that embeds healthy habits at an early age. Children learn how to become healthy, stay safe and build friendships

We give kids the smarts to deal with the hard stuff.

We do this by providing vital life skills in five key areas:

Drugs and Alcohol
Health and Wellbeing
Respectful Relationships
Relationships and


Pioneering Change Together

We are a charity tackling causes, not symptoms. We challenge assumptions and explore opportunities. Our fundraising arm, Life Smart Kids raises much needed funds for Life Ed Victoria and the ongoing delivery of our services. Big change only happens when we work together.

Life Smart Kids

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