Core Program

We offer 12 curriculum-aligned modules that give
students the smarts to deal with the hard stuff.


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Our primary program covers
five key areas

Drugs and Alcohol 

Exploring the facts, choices, responsibility, consequences, and influences surrounding drugs and alcohol. 

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Cyber Safety 

Focusing on cybersafety, cyber ethics and building positive relationships with friends online and offline.

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Health and Wellbeing

The importance of a healthy diet and hygiene, the benefits of physical activity and sleep, and the effects of smoking.

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Respectful Relationships

Building positive relationships and understanding the importance of connecting with each other respectfully. 

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Sexual Health

'Talk About It' helps kids navigate puberty, sexual health and relationships.

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All Core Program Modules

Curriculum-aligned learning modules designed for a range of ages and topics

My Body Matters

Hygiene, food, exercise and sleep.

Harold's Friend Ship

Building friendships, feelings & emotions.

Ready Steady Go

Body reactions, physical activity & nutrition.

Safety Rules

Safe environments, caring for others & getting help.

Growing good friends

Healthy lifestyles, positive relationships & health & wellbeing.

All systems go

Health & energy levels and exploring vital organ functions.

Mind your medicine

Medicines and their consequences. Managing stressful situations.


Recognise, react & report unwanted contact. Keeping safe online.


Peer pressure, second-hand smoking and function of vital organs.

Think twice

Reducing effects of alcohol. Social & legal consequences and responding to peer pressure.

On the case

History, laws, myths & facts of smoking cigarettes or vaping.

Relate Respect Connect

Respecting ourselves and others and maintaining positive relationships.

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Explore our modules by year level, or download a PDF summary.

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Junior Modules

Years P-2



Middle Modules

Years 3-4



Senior Modules

Years 5-6