Student Agency Program

Healthy Harold Heroes is our innovative
10 week project-based program.

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"I really like it (Student Agency Program) because me and my peers came up with the ideas and the campaign and we're running it. Compared to the teachers who usually do most of the work"

- Connor, Year 6 Student

Program Overview

Healthy Harold Heroes is a deep, long-term engagement program.

For 1 hour each week, students learn how to research, develop, and implement a campaign for their school based around a health and wellbeing issue relevant to their community.


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About Healthy Harold Heroes

Students learn how to design and implement a campaign for their school based around a healthy lifestyle issue. The students develop a challenge-based campaign for their peers so the focus is on kids leading kids to effect change. The program is designed to:

  • Amplify Students Voice
  • Amplify Learner Agency 
  • Build Teacher Capacity

Program Features

Through a project-based action learning approach students participate in regular workshops to design and implement their Healthy Harold Campaign.

Schools have the opportunity to work with a Life Education Victoria Facilitator or provide professional development for staff to independently run this program. Students work collaboratively through five milestones to support their campaign developments:

1. Identify a challenging problem

2. Undertake meaningful inquiry

3. Develop an authentic campaign

4. Implement the campaign

5. Reflect on and evaluate the campaign’s impact

Benefits to Schools

  • Enhanced student wellbeing as students are motivated to make lifelong healthy lifestyle choices and are invested in their chosen topic.
  • The school community becomes an advocate for healthy living.
  • Students develop leadership skills and act as agents of change.
  • Teachers can enhance their professional learning and build capacity to deliver the program.

Impact Measurement

  • Share the impact the campaign has had on the school community.
  • Reward Healthy Harold Heroes with a badge and Program Certificate. School becomes an ongoing advocate for the Healthy Harold Heroes Campaign and continues to provide leadership responsibilities to future students.

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Student Agency Pricing

Healthy Harold Hereoes

$4,500 total

bundle pricing available when other programs are booked*

 Term-long, deep immersion program

 10 x 1 hour sessions

 Partnership model 

 Students develop an authentic campaign based on real-life interests

 Campaign launch with life-sized Harold! 

 Follow-up evaluation session

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