Sexual Health
Stage 2 Modules

Year 6

Year 6 sexual health modules

year 6 

Discovering Identity

Discovering Identity further explores the concept of identity introduced in Who am I? by examining what and who influences personal and cultural identity as well as how a person’s values are developed and how they impact decision-making.

In addition, students will explore emerging topics including comparison, body image and gender stereotypes and their influence on a person’s identity and self-expression.

In this 60-minute Talk About It session, students will learn: 

  • How and why a person’s identity changes during puberty.
  • What influences and shapes personal identity.
  • How to recognise their personal values and strengths.
  • Emerging concepts about body image, gender and attraction.
  • The importance of self-care. 
year 6

Navigating Relationships

Picking up on themes introduced in Evolving Friendships, this module is designed to support students to manage changing relationships throughout puberty and provides practical skills and advice to navigate this often confusing time. 

With special focus on personal rights and responsibilities, Navigating Relationships provides students with strategies to help them to identify and deal with unhealthy behaviours within relationships.

In this interactive 90 minute Talk About It session by Life Education, students will learn: 

  • Positive characteristics of relationships and the nature of changing relationships (including intimate relationships).
  • Strategies for dealing with unhealthy behaviours.
  • Recognise impact of relationships on personal wellbeing.
  • Practice self-regulation strategies.
  • Role-play conflict resolution strategies.
  • Explore personal rights and responsibilities.
  • Consent and boundaries.
  • The role of technology in friendships and how to stay safe online. 
year 6

Surviving Puberty

Following on from Welcome to Puberty, this module continues students’ learning about male and female reproductive systems and extends learning to provide practical strategies that they can implement to cope with the many physical, emotional and social changes that occur during puberty.

In this interactive 120-minute Talk About It session students will learn: 

  • The definition of puberty in terms of lifespan.
  • Basic female and male reproductive anatomy.
  • Physical, social and emotional changes that occur during puberty.
  • Strategies to deal with puberty changes.
  • Where to seek help and find information.
  • The importance of respecting personal boundaries and consent.
  • Sanitary product demonstration (pads and tampons). 
year 6

The Journey of Human Reproduction

The Journey of Human Reproduction, expands on previous reproduction knowledge to help students identify the social, emotional, physical and legal consequences of sex, whilst also exploring the process of conception, foetal development and birth. 

This Talk About It module is delivered in the classroom with the class teacher present. In this important 60-minute session, students will learn:

  • The social, emotional and legal consequences of intercourse, including the legal age of consent.
  • That intercourse may result in pregnancy.
  • The process of conception, foetal development and birth. 

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