Sexual Health
Stage 1 Modules

Year 5 

year 5 

Who Am I?

What makes up a person’s identity? How are identities influenced and what can they be influenced by? Why is it important to celebrate diversity? 

The Who am I? module in the Talk About It program answers these and other important questions about the development of identity.

During this 60-minute session, students will explore:

  • Components of identity.
  • Celebrating uniqueness and diversity.
  • How to recognise character strengths in themselves and others.
  • What influences and shapes personal identity.
  • The importance of self-talk.
  • How stereotypes can be harmful.
year 5 

Evolving Friendships

As children’s bodies change through puberty, so too do their friendships and relationships. Understanding the qualities that define a healthy and positive relationship, will support students to navigate some of the most common relationship issues they face during this period of their lives and provide a foundation for positive relationships throughout their lives. 

The Evolving Friendships module by Life Education also examines peer pressure and conflict, providing students with practical skills to overcome and resolve these issues independently.

During this 90-minute interactive session, students learn: 

  • To recognise emotions in themselves and others.
  • Characteristics of healthy friendships.
  • Warning signs and unhealthy behaviour in friendships.
  • Practice assertive communication strategies.
year 5 

Welcome to Puberty

Focusing on understanding the physical, social and emotional changes that occur during puberty, Welcome to Puberty also provides students with practical information on how to stay safe, look after themselves and seek help and additional information. 

In this 105-minutes Talk About It module, students will learn:

  • The definition of puberty as an important change.
  • Names of male and female external private parts.
  • Basic male and female reproductive anatomy.
  • Physical, social and emotional changes that occur during puberty.
  • The importance of communication and hygiene.
  • Sanitary product demonstration (pads and tampons). 

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