Healthy Harold STARS

The final step in our Five-Step Learning Journey -
Post-session Student Agency and Reflection Program!

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5 Step Learning Journey

Reflective Digital Incursion

Acknowledging students achievements

The Healthy Harold Stars Program creates an ongoing journey, with opportunities to reconnect with Healthy Harold and a LE facilitator. Students will:

  • identify positive behaviours that have positive impacts on their wellbeing
  • share and collaborate with their peers on their commitments to change
  • participate in engaging activities, teamwork and strategic skills
  • take responsibility for implementing their actions

Teachers will be supported as they work alongside their students to continue the learning journey from the initial session to ensure effective and positive behaviour changes are made. 

A confident voice has the capacity to act

Students who find their voice in engaging learning environments are more likely to develop:

  • confidence to take action both emotionally and physically
  • make a positive behaviour change / positive behaviour changes 
  • a willingness to lead others
  • higher self-esteem and confidence

How it works

Step 1

Commitment to positive behaviour change

Student use the Commitment to Change Cards (provided during the in-classroom session) to make a positive behaviour change towards their health + wellbeing.

Step 2

Display your cards

Students will display their completed cards in your classroom as a reminder of their commitment, and what they have learnt.

Step 3

Reflective Digital Incursion

Virtually reconnect with Harold and our Life Ed facilitator. Students share with Harold their commitment to positive behaviour change, seek his advice, tips and strategies whilst working through a series of engaging activities to develop a class goal towards positive health + wellbeing.

Get ready for your Reflective Digital Incursion

Complete your Five-Step Learning Journey.
Each student will need to have their completed Commitment to change card in front of them


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